Ms Stushy Jewelry mission is to make accessories that transform an outfit from ordinary to extraordinary.

Ms Stushy Jewelry mission is to make accessories that transform an outfit from ordinary to extra-ordinary. This business was created out of the love of making handcrafted jewelry.  Family and friends received pieces as gifts and every time they wore them they stated they were complimented.

As a child my mom would dabble in sewing, I was the mannequin although clearly she was no expert.  I regardless would wear it with confidence and class.  One could not tell that it was not store bought because the imperfections made it extra-ordinary this coined the name “Ms Stushy”.  I laughed as I went around accessorizing my outfit as I glided in my glassware and beads as though they were diamonds and pearls.

Ms Stushy means to me someone whom is absolutely ideal without seemingly putting in too much effort. One who has a positive outlook on life and approach each day with confidence and an expectancy that something good is about to happen.  That person is “fresh, stylish, innovative, nice, friendly, funny and has an approachable mannerism.

The genesis of this venture started after my battle with breast cancer. This extraordinary life changing event caused me to find solace in beading.  It became therapeutic where I spent hours lost in the magical creation of jewelry making. This experience has transformed me to see life in a wonderful, marvelous array of colors, shape and shades.  The joy that fills my heart as I would give them away as gifts would spreading happiness to everyone.

Best regards
Ms. Stushy


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